Luxury tanning,Luxury Body Care.
Exclusive line of bronzers for VIPs. SuperTan Endor fine stimulates the production of happiness hormone. It combines a specialized, luxury skin care and protection formula with the advanced technology of sunbathing. Line based on new generation bronzers and tan accelerators. 
Contains large number of collagen in order to gently smoothen your skin.


Slim effect
Cosmetics that ensure the effect of slim silhouettes and beautifully tanned skin.
Ideal for demanding a rapid and effective results. Speed up the process of cellulite reduction.  The result is slim & firm skin.

Super Sensations
Excellent tanning cosmetics line charac terized by fantastic aromas enriched in natural ingredients.
The power of nature hidden in a fun, colorful designs that emphasize their potency. Great fragrances, fantastic colours, effective balm components guarantee the pleasure of tanning every day.

Shower Gel
Contains natural extracts of sweet orange & lime, which gently wash and firm the skin. Discover the secret of nourished and safely tanned skin.

After Tan
Multifunctional Moisturizer 3 in 1:
•  Sliming,
•  Antiaging,
•  Hydrating,
Intense moisturizing due to the content of essential cannabis oil.