Australian Gold

Australian Gold

Australian Gold® formulas are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest looking skin possible, so the tan you get is your own…naturally! Australian Gold® researchers are pioneers in the formulation and custom-blending of premium tanning and skincare products. They discovered that by topically applying vitamins to the skin the overall health and nourishment was improved. And since healthy skin tans faster, tans darker and stays tan longer, the results are darker, longer-lasting golden tans!

The indoor tanning lotions of Australian Gold® are all formulated with the most innovative and selective ingredients to optimize the skin’s quality and protect it against dehydration and aging.
The Tanning Process
• UV light stimulates the generation of an amino acid process, in which an enzymecon-verts to Melanin (Melanogenesis).
• UV light causes oxidation of melanin, you get a tan!
You need to prepare your skin to receive UV light so you’re protecting your skin during the tanning process and providing the best tan-ning results. 

Results by using tanning lotions with healthy skin products:
- It can increase the results from a tanning session up to 30-40% depending on skin type and
skin condition.
- Minimum application each session for best results = 15 ml
Recommendation: Recommend that customers moisturize their  skin with Tan Extenders after each session and after showering every day for after tan

- Ultra  bronzing ingredients for the darkest color possible
- Ultra  high skincare ingredients for a  VIP treatment
- Excellent for  the high demanding tanner who is seeking the ultimate tan.
The ultimate skincare and dark tanning technology for the most demanding tanners. Maximum amounts of high-end skincare ingredients and extreme antioxidant properties including Vitamins A, E and F. Superior skincare ingredients combine to protect your skin during the tanning process and help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Revolutionary dark tanning research for melanin activating boosters to provide your own natural darkest  color.  Ultra  products for the customer looking for ultra skincare and dark bronze tanning results.

- Premium amount of tanning and  skincare ingredients
- Excellent for experienced tanners.
The PREMIUM PRODUCTS offer experienced tanners the ability to reach their potential natural tanning ability by offering premium products with deluxe combinations of bronzers and skincare ingredients.
These products are perfect for tanners that have reached a tanning plateau and need something different to achieve their dark tanning potential. The PREMIUM PRODUCTS also offer a unique line of products that are mineral based for healthy, dark results offering 92 minerals in the base.

- Formulas contain the most moisturizers, vitamins and enzymes for a beautiful golden tan
- Intense amounts  of tanning ingredients.
Formulas for the BEST PRODUCTS category are exceptional dark tanning blends with maximumamounts of tanning and skincare ingredients.
The Best Products formulas contain extreme amounts of moisturizers, Vitamin F, and enzymes are blended with an Aloe base to soothe and moisturize the skin. The result is a beautiful, healthy-looking golden tan. These lotions contain an exclusive antibacterial ingredient which reduces the after-tan odor..

- Provides higher quality skincare
- Promotes even darker tans.
Ourmale collection of products is all Coconut Water based and enriched with antioxidant Vitamins.This coconut water base hydrating formulas in this group contain a CellActive® Complex that is specifically formulated for male skin and provides unique properties including locking in moisture, increasing skin resilience and healing microcuts. The tanning formulas also contain our unique  ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology to prevent tattoos from fading.
All the lotions contain an exclusive antibacterial ingredient, which reduces the after-tan odor.

- Provide higher quality skincare
- Promote even darker tans.
Our better products are Aloe based and are enriched with antioxidant Vitamins.
The aloe-based rich moisturizing formulas in this group contain a Vitasome Complex™ of
antioxidant Vitamins, such as A and E, and provide quality skincare and protection from wrinkles. Formulas in the  better category contain liposomes to ensure active ingredients are being supplied where they are needed for natural-looking and awesome results. All  the lotions contain an exclusive antibacterial ingredient, which reduces the after-tan odor.

- Silicone and Paraben Free Formulas
- Natural and Organic ingredients.
G’day Mate! Want to look like you just walked off the beaches down under? Our koala bear, Sydney, has just the thing for you! The Classic Sydney™collection is organic, paraben and silicone free and sure to get you a dark Aussie tan color.

- Provide basic  skincare
- Establish a base tan.
These products contain dark tanning Biosine Complex® Blend, an advanced dark tanning complex that helps promote a dark tan and skin conditioners that provide basic skincare and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. These formulas are excellent for establishing a base tan. For ideal tanning at any stage of the tanning process.

SPF Range for Outdoor tanning and sun protection. Available to indoor tanning points, yet another added value for your salon, to gain extra business during summer season!
In order to make the best possible promotion for the Australian Gold® Outdoor SPF-products, targetting the huge  outdoor tanning market, it is important to have a clear view on how the SPF products work and what makes them so unique. We have developed a SPF-Outdoor Product sheet with a clear summary of the special ingredients, fragrances and benefits of each product. Please use these USP's for PR purposes, advertisement and other publications.